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About Melville Park

Some have called Melville Park the Beacon Hill of Dorchester. Streets are lined with towering trees and the neighborhood’s grand Victorian homes are kept in pristine condition. In 2004 Boston’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino dubbed “the first gentrified neighborhood in our city,” but the area prides itself on more than simply property values. On a stroll around Wellesley Park one is greeted not only by the meticulously cared for park lined with historic gas lanterns, but with smiles, waves and – more often then not – a cheerful ‘Hello!’ from passing neighbors.

It is that sense of community that attracts so many prominent Bostonians to a neighborhood diverse with whites, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, gay and straight couples. It’s for these reasons that Brian and I moved here in the fall of 2008 — our first venture into home ownership. We’ve learned a lot along the way thus far, but there is still much to do!

Visit the Melville Park Association’s webpage.

Learn about the history of Melville Park

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